Inventory Systems

Our inventory systems allow administrators to:
- View estimated values of all inventory for insurance purposes
- Cut down on lost inventory through tracking and transfers
- Track warranty expirations for expensive items
- Save money using real-time inventory information

Our inventory systems allow administrators to keep track of the entire district's inventory - from textbooks to desks to musical instruments. Utilize real-time inventory for budgeting, insurance, or other reasons, taking advantage of the system's ease-of-use and functionality to improve your district.

BlueChalk produces several inventory systems: simple inventory systems which integrate with our work order systems, classroom inventory systems for teachers to control their own inventory, Level 2 Inventory System for top down district wide fixed inventory management, and a current inventory system for managing non-fixed assets such as pens, paper, supplies, etc. Or we can custom prepare an inventory system that combines features of all of these systems to track your district's inventory the way you want to track it.