We Hate "Busy Work".
And we bet you do too, from time-wasters to budget-draimers to headache-inducers. Which is why our sole purpose is to create software that allows organizations to eliminate unnecessary paper work, streamline workflow and create unprecedented internal efficiency - while saving time, money and your sanity.
Easier Said Than Done? Not This Time.
OK, time to 'fess up - how much time and money does your school waste on copying, printing, filing and distributing paper-based information? Are there enough digits on the calculator to accommodate that number? BlueChalk's integrated operations software is the shovel that will dig you out from under that paperwork pile. You'll be streamlining operations and increasing functionality district-wide, allowing everyone to focus on what really matters - educating students.
Tied To A Desk Is No Way To Live.
Our web-based operations management software - which includes Building Maintenance, Technology Maintenance, Classroom Inventory and School Transportation systems - allows administrators and staff to communicate and work from any web-connected device, whether they're at home, at the office or on the go. There's nothing to install and you'll never need server updates.
Not Just Canned. Customized.
At BlueChalk, we know not all schools are built alike. Your buildings are different. Your staff is different. Your needs are different. Which is why we're proud to offer custom programming on web-based, client-server and stand-alone systems, working with you and your staff to produce the software that makes your job easier.
We Serve And Protect.
We know education isn't an 8-to-3 job. Our systems are accessible 24/7. Plus, we offer complete technical phone support during regular business hours, as well as after-hours, real-time, real-person email response to quickly deal with any problems that arise. Which isn't likely, with our 99.9% up-time record. Our site is secure with Verisign high-grade encryption, and provides hourly data backups.
You've Got Stuff.
Stuff you use every day. Stuff you use once a year. Where is it? How much do you actually have on hand? BlueChalk helps answer those questions with comprehensive inventory systems that track both fixed and rotating inventory.
Who We Are
Founded in 2002 by Todd Mayberry, BlueChalk Software is located in Advance, Missouri, 140 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri and 175 miles north of Memphis, TN. BlueChalk strives to create powerful, easy to use software to help your organization function smoothly.